Keeping in time with an Iconic Car Brand


Keeping in time with an Iconic Car Brand

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As Dodge approached its 100th anniversary, the iconic American brand wanted to mark the occasion with something special. As their deadline loomed, our team stepped in to translate the bold stance and confident common-man mentality of their automotive design into unique accessories for their brand loyalists.

Not Just a Car - A Lifestyle

Like other car manufacturers, Chrysler Group already offered a range of value-added automotive accessories for the Dodge brand – off-the-shelf standards such as keychains, hats, and travel mugs.

In order to diversify and build upon the brand’s proud legacy, we instead explored Dodge as a lifestyle brand, ideating purposeful lifestyle goods that would further solidify the already strong bond between Dodge and their muscle-car-loving customer base. 

And in a studio full of car enthusiasts, it would be an understatement to say that there was excitement to get this project underway, even with a challenging deadline for the celebration. 

Fast and Furious Concept Exploration

Market research led the team to create personas that would guide a fast and furious concept exploration – from the cool dad who craves adventure with the family, to the career-oriented maverick who plays as hard as he works. 

Looking at Different Personas

Through the lens of each of the varied personas, a wide range of products was styled and examined for functional innovations, including sunglasses, tech and audio accessories, toolkits, and travel bags. Each idea integrated high-quality materials and a performance-focused, timeless aesthetic influenced by the lines and angles of the cars themselves. 

Celebrating the Essence of the Brand

As we collaborated with a variety of departments throughout Dodge, we narrowed down the many concepts to a single quintessential anniversary product package: a premium timepiece and essential automotive toolkit.

The high-end wristwatch served as a perfect physical metaphor to celebrate the brand’s long-running time as an icon of Americana, while the toolkit catered to its driver-oriented spirit. 


With functional components and design details that tie seamlessly into the design cues of Dodge’s seminal models, the limited edition products pumped some adrenaline into the commemoration of a classic century of car design. 

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