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Products and Services Speaking the Right Language to Stakeholders

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Let’s say you own a company. Like all most, above all companies you have content that you’ve harbored over the long-term, things like values, objectives, sales strategies, and philosophies. In addition to your content, you have driving forces or a greater call to action. Maybe it is success, creating value, or changing the world one step at a time.

You also want your products to truly speak to your users conveying all of that content listed above (and of course more), but inherently and perfectly disguised within your products. But there is only one problem: Products have no voice like us humans.

A Method for Crafting the Perfect Language

If you think about this last part – speaking – it’s easy to get carried away with products or services that are communicating the wrong message, or worse, a message that doesn’t correspond to your company’s core values. And more often than not, it’s because the strategy was overlooked right from the beginning.


That’s why we like to think about strategic design as a method to craft the perfect language to reach your stakeholders. Every company should be ready to communicate its attitude and what it truly represents – through its products – without misleading, overselling, or even going two degrees off the mark. By letting strategic design serve as a guide, every company can get it right the first time around. Here's why.

Strategic Design Forges a Balancing Act Between the Brand and its Stakeholders

Every product or service pushed out onto the market has a way of shaping and influencing users. Likewise, the way in which users interact with products has a way of shaping your brand. It is even possible to build an entire strategy based on the interactions and experiences users go through with your brand.

Strategic design not only pulls together both forces; it initiates the communication cycle to ensure that your brand gets right in between the push and pull factors. In doing so, it lets you infuse your content into the message – but at the same time, it lets you absorb enough rapport from users to make sure your content is reaching its audience.


Strategic Design Helps You to Master Your Language

Building the right strategy sets you up to master the contents of your message – and then to deliver it – to speak the language that’s most true to your brand. So, if products could talk, they’d ask you to think more strategically about delivering your bottom line. And, your stakeholders will thank you later.

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