Finding the Cutting Edge with IoT

Bosch Robot Mower

A success-story

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In our 60 year partnership with Bosch, we’ve launched products that embody the company’s innovative key messages. With Bosch’s newest robot mower, our goal was to give users an intuitive and fun-to-use product controlled by a simple app – and in the process shave valuable time off lawn duty.

Making autonomy an engaging user experience

Bosch unveiled its vision in early 2016 with the desire to become one of the world’s leading IoT companies in the future. More than 40 percent of its products are already web-enabled and the number is rising quickly.

When Bosch asked us to conceptualize the Indego 400, we looked at integrating users’ needs into the design and interface, and in a way that would give people a positive user experience and empower them through a connected product.

Vincent Hasenmayer, Manager Strategic Design at TEAMS talked about the scope of the project “Designing for connected products is an area that we’ve been working in for a long time now,” he said. “Finding the cutting-edge with IoT means designing an experience that people love because it goes beyond their expectations.”

Pulling from cross-functional teams

Our multidisciplinary design team made up of strategists, industrial designers, engineers, and interaction designers conceptualized an intuitive design that would appeal to the Indego 400 target group by conveying ease-of-use, comfort, trust, and enjoyment into the design.

Translating our research findings into user experiences

It’s ultra-quiet – emitting as much noise as a normal conversation. Users can sit back in their garden and relax while the mower takes care of their lawn.

Indego 400 users can use the ‘Connect’ app to operate the model from virtually any location. With the logicut navigation system, the Indego 400 cuts faster with a systematic lane mowing approach as compared to the traditional ‘random’ approach from many competitors.


"Our UI team designed an interface that puts users in control without overwhelming them."

Connected World – Autonomous is changing how humans live

The Indego 400 also imparts an important message: with the rise of connected devices and household robots, this kind of technology is becoming mainstream much faster than people expect – altering users’ lives in ways that are yet to be seen. That, and for 30 minutes a week, lawn duty is no longer needed.


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