Intuitive Operations

Claas Tractors and Combines

One of the most important aspects of any cabin in the need for good communication between the driver and vehicle. At any instant, the operator needs to know the status of the vehicle and its current operations, and bring attention to the most pressing aspects. For that, it is important that any controls, lights, and displays are ordered in a logical, hierarchical fashion, allowing the more important functions and alerts to be visually dominant. 

It is also important to use an intuitive structure to the functions, not just the way they appear (using visual semantics) but also when and where they appear.  

One typical goal of console design is to reducing visual noise to a minimum -this is often difficult in consoles of complex machinery such as combine harvesters, but can often be solved by grouping and separating clusters of operations, or even moving some controls closer to the device they control, in the sightline of that particular function. 

It also important to not over-burden the information on the screen -often 'downgrading' some items to be on-dash LEDs instead of on-screen icons is a good way of reducing visual noise on the screen, and alerting the controller to certain aspects in their peripheral vision.