Improving Life Quality of Users

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Making noise disappear is the claim of recalm, an innovative new startup based in Hamburg. Their vision is to protect people against noise and improve life quality through noise cancelling, especially for those operating agriculture and construction machinery.

Active Noise Cancelling Solution

Over the last months, in close collaboration with recalm, we have developed a holistic solution to reduce harmful noises for humans, based on the principle of Active Noise Cancelling (ANC).

Along with the design and the engineering development, we had very strict constraints for the acoustics. We delivered a product, designed to integrate perfectly with construction machinery. Attributes such as reliability, power, and dynamics are communicated from the product housing prototypes through to the digital development.

Taking Control

The context of the end-user was particularly relevant in the interaction design process. We placed an extraordinary emphasis on designing straightforward interactions to control the device through an app, easy and intuitive via the user’s own smartphone.

We delivered the looks-like prototypes of the housing and the first phase of the app for the launch at the bauma trade show in April 2019.

Taking part in projects like these, with the trust of our partners, allow us to show and prove our potential. At the same time, it is our boost and the reason to continue creating products of empathy, every day.

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