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For more than 60 years, TEAMS has been translating the BOSCH brand values into the visual brand language of power tools, collaborating on a holistic level integrating strategy, usability & engineering. Five offices around the globe deliver the same design quality & guarantee a global proof of concept for each new development.

As our longest standing client, we have been able to develop the brand over a long period of time from the perspective of the higher-reaching goals of the organization. Following the success of our quest with BOSCH to develop the most ergonomic and usable power tool has since led to the development of entire ranges of product portfolios.



Contextual Product Strategy

One of our key insights in developing a visual brand language is that a product never exists on its own, but rather must be seen in the context of its context and other corresponding products. Early on, this insight triggered a revolution in our relationship with BOSCH where we were able to co-create and manage all of the international brand books and style guides for BOSCH products. The real task has always been about executing the same vision and quality to the realization of usability, form, colors, and functionality in all product ranges over their lifetime.

Developing for a Global Environment

Another fruitful aspect in our relationship with BOSCH has been the need to understand product development in a global environment. Being among and interacting with local trends, cultures, and competitors while not compromising the core attributes of a brand has always been an exciting challenge requiring Teams to extend our own tools

and knowledge of product design. With BOSCH, the full range of our services have been employed: From market analysis (local and global) to surveys and focus groups, combining UX & market research methods has always been essential to understand the context in which BOSCH products exist.



Parts of our Process

A product that merely exists is a product bound to fail. Successful brands are living & flexible over time, while still being honest with the core aspects of its character (like a person). How a brand reacts to influences & trends is a crucial part of a corporate strategy. Learning from our partnership with BOSCH, we believe that products must reflect the changing demands & needs of users, markets & technologies to steer strategically the innovations made by an organization.

A Recognisable Brand

Ever since our initial years together in partnership, the design of BOSCH professional power tools has been pushing the market. The success of the brand, the recognisability of its visual language and strength of innovation in each of its product portfolios have been a testimony to the strategic development of various product ranges between BOSCH & Teams.

Around the World

And now, the results speak for themselves. In almost every global market, the flexibility of the visual language developed for BOSCH products has allowed brilliant product adaptations to meet regional user requirements. And yet, still, the steadfast quality and core attributes of the brand continue to be recognizable in concept, design and usability alike. One of our greatest triumphs and honors, BOSCH products continue to be one of our most passionate investment into visual brand language development.

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