Increasing Brand Awareness With Simplification

Bosch Tronic 7000i T

Design, Intelligence and Performance

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One of the most challenging parts when designing water heating devices is achieving visually striking subtlety. Thermotechnology products are meant to store and manage large amounts of water, taking up a relatively big space that needs to be thoroughly considered.

Their interaction needs to be very easy and intuitive to appeal and address a wide variety of different consumer groups. The brand image, however - in contrast to the subtle design - has to be visually prominent and consistent within every product.

Heating Up Positive Emotions

The Bosch Tronic 7000i was designed to address all 3 needs accurately. Introducing an easy reachable, centralized and inclined screen, the interface screen design now follows the most intuitive user flow while highlighted touch keys let customers directly understand the products functions and its features.

The iconic, yet subtle shape integrates well into all kinds of interiors and conceals its actual volume, whereas the branding is executed in a large and confident imprint on the sides of the device.

With this design, heating up positive emotions for Bosch and the 7000i will be as easy as heating up water!

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