60 Years of Blazing Trails Together

Bosch Product Strategy

Setting Standards

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“The success story of BOSCH Power Tools is intrinsically tied to the ideas and the design of TEAMS.”

Wolfgang Hirschburger, Bosch VP Engineering

To us, collaborating successfully for more than 60 years means more than pure product design. It is about renewing yourself, your services, the collaborative relationship and - most importantly - the client’s brand and products continuously without losing track of where you are.

We researched, inspired markets, developed new methods and broke ground. But above all, we set standards in research, ergonomics, usability and design which are not just an orientation for us, but for the whole market as well.

Managing Knowledge

We start our processes with UX phases and design thinking to identify the best ideas and built an allover and precise underlay of information. Based on the fact that new ideas mainly are the best new combination of existing assets, any concept is just as good as its research.

Transferring this knowledge into your lead story has to create a connection between brand, product and users alike. Following this story will act as a binding vision for the development process, communications and marketing alike.

Daily Business

We approach the task of keeping the BOSCH brand vibrant every day anew with multiple methods. We are consultants, mediators, moderators and researchers in favor of the brand.

A Broad View

If you want to have decisive impact, you not only have to look far, but go deep. Designing and realizing services and products globally as well as simultaneously in different regions delivering final tool ready data, VR or UI data for all BOSCH business units means to think from the top and the bottom, from the beginning and the end alike. BOSCH industries are Power Tools, Thermotechnology, Building Solutions, BOSCH Rexroth and Packaging.

The Saga Continues

The ambitious relationship and immense opportunities we’ve had in cooperation with BOSCH over the years has left us incredibly grateful and excited for each new product and season together. 60 years strong – a major point of pride for the TEAMS family worldwide!

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