Dynamic & Durable Radio for Professionals


Versatile Radio with the Visual Language of Bosch

Bosch Professional Equipment Visual Brand Language Cordless Product Design Bosch Jobsite Radio

TEAMS Chicago recently partnered with Bosch NA to develop their newest generation of Jobsite radios – the GPB18V-2C. Succeeding their breakout Powerbox released in 2009, Bosch and TEAMS set out to create a compact Bluetooth device that would challenge the competitive Jobsite market. Following the language of Bosch professional tools, TEAMS shaped the GPB18V-2C with dynamic bumpers and rugged details, integrating carry handles and stowable hooks to create an extremely versatile radio.

Starting with a compact size, TEAMS guided Bosch through many stages of complex challenges. They preserved the original intent of bringing high-quality sound to an extremely durable and portable device throughout the project. TEAMS explored multiple form factors in 3D before settling on a geometric theme that encompassed the right amount of surface area for speakers, handles, and the battery.

With its refined, rugged looks and seriously good sound, this powerful device is ready to take on the cordless revolution hitting modern and connected job sites around the world.

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