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Bosch GO

A New Way of Using Power Tools

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After the enormous success of the IXO, our partners from Bosch approached us with the initial idea for a new power tool. We worked collaboratively to complete the project. With the development of this tool, comes a new design pattern of portable power tools, and a new way to use them. The first tool in this new category is the Bosch GO power screwdriver.

Research & Development Process

Creating user-oriented products with minimal operation, and a positive response in the market, are some of the challenges to face throughout the R&D process.

After a new idea emerges and gets materialized, it is essential to test, observe and communicate with the final user about goals and pain points. Sometimes, even in the later stages of a design, it is necessary to start over with the model and explore deeper to meet the real user’s conventions.

Design Improvement

Testing with prototypes allows finding room for improvement. In our case, we found out that we could improve the position of the switch button. The final design of the cordless screwdriver has a convenient start-up mode that the user easily activates, by pressing the button once to start or to stop it. The Bosch GO satisfies the user’s different conventions, and it is easy to operate either holding the body of the screwdriver or the end of it.

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