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Bosch Andiamo (ASC)

Full Service Product Development

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Supporting the development of the Bosch Andiamo air conditioning service system by uncovering users’ needs, gave us the opportunity to elevate the user experience to the next level.

Our interaction and industrial designers improved its design, expressing perfectly the brand values from Bosch. We are proud to welcome the new family member.

Connectivity for Efficiency

Collaboration between the ID and UX teams ensured a seamless user experience integrating hardware and software touchpoints. The typical mechanic’s garage scenario defines the context of use and sets the guidelines for design. Quick access to the main functions as well as providing all important information at one glance are top rated requirements. Additionally, designing for joy-of-use is paramount for a positive user experience.

For Fast Results, Process is Key Ready, Set, Go!

By coordinating different work streams and running them in parallel, we were able to speed up the process from start to finish. Our ID, UXD and Engineering teams worked together in an agile manner and shared the lead role depending on each step in the process.

Testing ideas and concepts with users early on helped accelerate the decision-making process. This direct user feedback also fuelled the ideation phase (innovation process) because it allowed the designers to identify and address all of the pain points.

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