Using AR as a Product Development Tool

Augmented Reality

Augmenting Our Services

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TEAMS is a highly experienced partner in product development from the beginning to the realization and further. We are always looking after new and creative tools with useful benefits for our customers. Augmented Reality with its wide range of possibilities is the latest tool we use to satisfy our costumers' needs.

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Design Visualization & Comparison

Ideas and updates in AR may easily be implemented by us during the product design development to support the overall aims of the project. Testing out various designs within their context, for example, is a much more agile approach instead of moving straight away to physical prototypes, which cost much more time and intensive technical expertise to bring to life.

Feature Comparison

Using AR to compare the differences in designs with previous product designs, or current design iterations is possible in an augmented environment. AR also opens opportunities to test out and visualize a product’s primary features bringing the experience to life. Various visualizations of the same product are possible (such as x-ray, expanded variations and various additional product equipment).

Augmented Usage Manuals

Adding augmented layers of discovery to existing products is a huge benefit in guiding users to understand the unique features and functionality of a product. Instead of a printed manual, instructions become interactive and less complicated to follow with augmented and animated guides.

Presentation & Sales Tool

Another incredible use for Augmented Reality is in the process of conveying a concept or design idea to clients, investors and other stakeholders involved in a product’s development and release. The level of acceptance when interacting with products that jump out into their environment becomes dramatically convincing versus more limited 2-dimensional presentations of a product.

Augmenting Your Next Project

Exciting times are ahead as new contexts are developed for integrating Augmented Reality into the product development process. Having already used the technology for a variety of large and small projects, we are convinced of AR’s use in helping our partners to tell their story in stronger and more lifelike ways.

“Not only does this technology open new opportunities for training, learning and education but it also opens up new opportunities for product testing and interaction design.” - Isin Fidan, Senior Designer & AR Specialist.


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