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We think of paints, coatings, and plastics as lasting forever. However, very often the effects of sun, salt, water, and pollution are devastating.

Manufacturers who strive to deliver best-in-class longevity, test their products to understand how the products stand up to the test of time and exposure.

In partnership with Atlas Material Testing Solutions, TEAMS conducted research, then redesigned their flagship weather-o-meter, and user interface design to make weather testing technology the most effortless and accurate it can be. The Ci4000 a device that tests the parts and pieces of products, globally, for the effects of weather and pollution.

Understanding the Needs of Stakeholders

TEAMS started with job following and interviews with technicians as well as service people, to better understand the varied needs of the stakeholder, test technicians, and service people.

The project team carefully mapped out each interaction to understand what information needs to be on the screen, what information should be transferred, as well as how the parts are staged within the machine and what the most common service requests require.

TEAMS carefully designed each part of the machine with those key stakeholder insights in mind. The easy to access specimen rack, data output options, easy filter access, a fold-out tray for logbooks and laptops, tilting touchscreen, visual graphing, and optimized footprint were all improvements over the prior design.

Simple and Quick Interactions

The user interface was designed for multiple workflows. The technician has a different workflow and needs for information than the service technician so different logins were created to reduce the number of interactions needed to get information quickly. Each screen was carefully thought out, using new visual graphs and icons to clearly communicate the results of testing or diagnostics.

The outer cabinet was designed to allow easy installation, the right amount of airflow, easy access for maintenance, in testing labs with tightly grouped machines. The curved left corner follows the lines of the test rack, as well as opens up space around the machine.

It’s no wonder that many of the ASTM (international standards organization) tests are written with Atlas machines in mind.

The Atlas Ci4400 designed by the collaborative team of TEAMS elevates the standards to make weathering testing more accurate, uniform, and effortless.

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