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Dentsply Interactive Control

Users Weigh In on Digital Medical Tech

In 2015, we partnered with Dentsply, the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies to create a high-impact user experience for their ultrasonic scaling system.

Understanding how dental hygienists use their equipment – and what they most need - was a critical first step for our user experience design team. To start, our teams interviewed the hygienists in small focus groups - which allowed us to learn about their experiential and emotional interactions with the existing devices.

From the discussion, we were able to apply the experiences they desired - and translate them into tangible features. The key takeaways were an easy-to-clean system, sanitary technology options, and a simple user interface - since a long day with many patients calls for more intuitive, engaging, and easy-to-operate interfaces – creating more time for patient care means less time spent tampering with complicated operations.


The final product is truly designed from the inside out – and comes directly from the dental hygienists experience and point of view. Its simple form, with a large radius is easy-to-clean, and digital touch screen technology allows for an easy wipe down – plus the deduced operation panel makes operating the device as easy as a swipe of the screen.

The new design shows exactly how understanding users’ pain points can dramatically change the look and feel of a device. In the end, we created a new visual brand language for Dentsply, offering both a contemporary new look and a better experience for hygienists and their patients.

"Developed around an intuitive UI, TEAMS created a unique user experience by allowing both patient and hygienist to share control."

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