A Good Icon is
Worth More Than
a Thousand Words


We teamed up with the Swedish brand, Dometic, a manufacturer of camping, yachting, and hospitality accessories for a project that was all about the simplification – and then – visualization of their product icons.

Getting to Know Dometic's users

For Dometic – and for our team as well – that meant getting underneath Dometic’s broad base of users worldwide to create a more intuitive icon system that could be easily understood anywhere in the world.

In theory, if you are on an adventure – whether that be a long camping trip or spending days on a yacht – the main goal for most enthusiasts is to enjoy the journey. Whether that applies to appliances on board or on-the-go, icon systems should be easy understandable across multiple audiences and different languages.

Our team of graphic designers created a unique icon language that combined functional aspects with a modern, clean, and intuitive design. The icon system was applied across multiple product ranges including coolers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other accessories.

A New Interface

Already having that close knowledge of the brand led us to the next phase: the development of an easier-to-understand interface for all Dometic products. Designing both the icon system as a first step – followed by a new interface, we could perfectly align both parts of the project and create a good flow among the brand’s visual language. In true Swedish tradition, simplicity is a major hallmark of brand building – and our collaboration with Dometic is a perfect example of how simple, yet intuitive iconic design, can create positive user experiences across multiple user groups.

In 2016, we’re working on the latest project with Dometic, zooming in even closer on user needs worldwide.

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