A Brand that Looks as Good As Its Product

Still Brand Development

In order to create a brand book as an outsider, you have to know the client like you’re an insider. TEAMS shares a long relationship with Hamburg-based Still, designing everything from their newest forklifts all the way to their graphic designs. Creating a specialized brand book was just a natural next step.

Decades of Collaboration

Over 20 years ago, TEAMS took part in a design competition hosted by Still. Coming out the winner was only the start of a long and dynamic relationship with the intralogistics giant. The first projects, which initially only focused on the product development side slowly shifted to include brand communication and graphic design.

Expertise and Trust

Meike Koldorf, graphics and communications manager for TEAMS Hamburg has been collaborating closely with Still’s in-house corporate communications team for several years, “Getting to know Still on a personal level has made it easy for us to help on both long-term and short-range projects. Joining their team of in-house and external experts to make decisions is a regular part of our daily life.”

Establishing a great relationship with Still’s different departments has enabled TEAMS to shape different parts of their design and communication.

Ulrich Schweig, director of TEAMS Hamburg shared more details about the breadth of the collaboration. “The close-knit relationship has kept TEAMS on the forefront of all important projects, ranging from the icon language used in Still’s cockpits all the way to trade show presentations and on-hand brochures,” said Schweig.

Photography by Thomas Schwörer - "STILL, The Brand"

"Because we are so invovled with Still's management, marketing, and product development teams, it is rare that we ever need an in-depth briefing." Meike Koldorf, graphics and communications manager, TEAMS Hamburg

One Step Ahead

Because TEAMS has been so involved, it is rare that an in-depth briefing is needed. We are often times one step ahead of what’s next to come.

That one step ahead was a brand book, which would link Still’s values creatively and consistently on all levels. Knowing that the company’s employees shared a rich culture based on exploring hobbies, leisure time, and a passion for volunteering activities—TEAMS used their culture of caring and engagement to naturally shape their brand values.  


Using our role as a strategic partner to work closely with Still has created an incentivized style of work, where both sides win once goals are reached.

“Helping Still to realize their brand values is an equal success for both sides. We love working with Still,” said Koldorf.

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