A 3D Printer Goes from Good to Fascinating

DREMEL 3D Printer

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When DREMEL partnered with us to reimagine their 3D40 printer, our teams came together to envision a better user experience that would cater directly into DREMEL’s target group of budding, yet super creative makers – whether they’re at home or in the classroom. Here’s how it was done.

Starting with the existing 3D printers, we gathered user feedback

For these young makers, it's all about watching the 3D printing process unfold and seeing their creation come to life. What seemed to hinder our ambitious users is what they considered lost time - loading the filament into the machine and getting caught up in the cleaning and maintenance of the printer. 


By developing concepts to make these parts hassle-free, our users could get to that exciting final printed part – faster. Knowing that they also wanted more viewing angles to watch their creation come to life, we created concepts for larger printing and viewing areas, without increasing the footprint.


Our insights sparked workable concepts

With the makers’ feedback, we developed concepts to make smart changes that would draw the users in, while staying in the framework of DREMEL’s recognizable visual brand language. We conceptualized a bigger window space to watch the print from multiple perspectives.

We then chamfered the top and sides of the unit for visual compactness, offering a more appealing overall package. 

Knowing that the filament loading would need to be intuitive for these young users, we created a pull-out drawer type loading area for easier feeding. Another innovation that our team brought in was a hollowed-out pocket in the base to allow the bed to drop further down – increasing the room and easing the maintenance.

Then We Created

Once our concepts had been created, we carried out multiple tests to ensure that our concepts would fit the needs of our aspiring target group.

"By putting users at the center of the process, we could design something that would fit perfectly into their imaginative world of building and creating."


Let the Fascination Begin

The intuitive new design for DREMEL is both visually and physically exciting – yet also compact and easy to operate – all important factors for Dremel’s 3D40 motivated target group. The new design and its features is exciting makers, enhancing classrooms, and putting the spotlight on DREMEL in an already crowded marketplace.

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