Connected, Mobile & Efficient: Pharma 4.0

Werum PAS-X MES from Körber

Supporting Körber’s Digital Goals

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Körber is an international technology group with around 10,000 employees and more than 100 locations worldwide.

At its Business Area Pharma, the group is delivering the difference along the pharma value chain with a unique portfolio of integrated solutions. With the software solution Werum PAS-X MES the company offers the world’s leading Manufacturing Execution System to digitize pharma, biotech and cell & gene factories.

Since 2013, TEAMS and Körber work in close collaboration in the continuous development of their Manufacturing Execution System (Werum PAS-X MES). Different parts and components come into play into the ample amount of solutions that Körber provides. The main goal is always meeting the highest standards in terms of documentation of work processes while delivering the best software usability.

Tablet Device showcasing User Interface and infographics
The further development of PAS-X MES is not a single project, but a complex undertaking that requires a high level of expertise.



Developing Concepts & Bringing Them to Life

Showcase of PAS-X MES on a mobile device being hand-held WERUM KÖRBER TEAMS

TEAMS collaborates with Körber on the creation of visual guidelines, thus allowing future iterations within a homogeneous design across all the different projects and platforms. Additionally, front-end development, concepts of usability and prototypes are delivered at an early stage to facilitate user testing and necessary improvements to ensure the best usability.

pharmaceutical technical assistant interacts with the Werum PAS-X MES on a tablet KÖRBER TEAMS
All of this serves end-to-end reliability on the brand and its technology. With our work focused on mobile and connected devices, we are supporting Körber to achieve their digital goals for Pharma 4.0.

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