RIEDEL x TEAMS show case of new wireless intercom solution

Seamless Communication Through Seamless Usability

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The Most Intuitive Wireless Intercom System: Bolero

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Bolero is RIEDEL Communication's game-changing and Red Dot awarded wireless intercom solution, developed together with TEAMS to allow fluent and seamless communications. Staff teams use bolero systems during TV-Shows, sport- and music events like Olympic Games, Football World Championships, and Formula 1 World Series.

RIEDEL TEAMS showcase detail shots of wireless intercom solution

Intercom Game Changer

Walter, Head of Design Realization at TEAMS Hamburg, met Thomas Riedel, CEO of RIEDEL Communications, first when Thomas founded his startup about 30 years ago. Today, RIEDEL Communications is the market leader in intercom solutions, and its products and services are used worldwide. In 2017, RIEDEL and TEAMS worked together to design their new hand-held/belt pack intercom device, Bolero. The main goal: to have the "best of class" intercom system.

"By realizing a watertight and shockproof housing with 2K soft grip and tool approach, we achieved an expression of smartness and robustness for a high-tech device used in rough environments".

Walter Heidenfels, Head of Design Realization, TEAMS Hamburg

Portrait of Walter Heidenfels Head of Design Realization

Clear Communication Behind the Scenes

In "Backstage" intercommunications, usability is king. The bigger the venue, the faster and more seamless communication has to be. Understanding the users' needs and interaction behavior is essential.

Bolero, RIEDEL Communication's game-changer wireless intercom solution, developed together with TEAMS, allows fluent and seamless communications.

Formula One employee receives commands via headphones and wireless intercom solution
RIEDEL TEAMS wireless intercom solution in action, lit user interface backstage during event

Branded Interaction Design

By designing the iconic and unique mushroom design layout, TEAMS and Riedel created a minimal housing size with maximum interaction options. TEAMS' user-centric design approach ensured that the different types of interactions and different user behaviors were all 100% percent addressed and led to "best-in-class" design solutions in terms of ergonomics & HMI.

Besides the Bolero belt pack, the design DNA was also applied to system components such as antenna devices, charging docks & racks to ensure a coherent visual identity.

Portrait of Kai Gehrmann Creative Director Strategy & Growth

"A crucial part of the design work was to translate the existing Riedel design language into the 3rd dimension and add new key visuals to create this lighthouse product."

Kai Gehrmann, Creative Director TEAMS Hamburg

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