Building Corporate Brand Value


Forming the Future

Schuler CapitalGoods Manufacturing Visual Brand Language Strategic Design

Schuler, the world’s market leader in capital goods for metal and plastic forming, wished to develop a new visual brand language to infuse their values and qualities into their portfolio. We worked collaboratively to develop a brand language that would symbolize Schuler’s technological lead and provide it with high recognition.

Brand Experience for Big and Small

Roadmap planning, UX research, and technology research were crucial for defining and representing the diversity of Schuler’s product portfolio, as well as gathering information about competitors and brand/core strategies.

As an international agency, we always have a global impression of the market. We clustered different design directions provided by all of our studios to offer Schuler a broader design concept.


An interdisciplinary team from Schuler’s tested and ensured the technical feasibility and anticipated costs. In the end, we defined and summarized the overarching design rules of the visual brand language in the style-guide document that is now the basis for all future product development.

Design with High Recognition at all Levels

Schuler’s new visual design is characterized by the targeted combination of form elements, color distribution, and logos, whereby it may be applied to different form and size factors as well as manufacturing principles. The Schuler machine design focuses on the brand attributes, communicating professionalism, performance, and efficiency of their newest technologies, differentiating them from competitors. 

Special Features ServoLine

The in-mold hardening press was the first product implementing the new Visual Brand Language and style-guide. The ServoLine expresses Schuler’s values; reliability, performance and premium quality, and was awarded a Red Dot award in 2017.

Our strategic collaboration will help to improve the worldwide brand appearance further. After launching the press line, Schuler’s is gradually rolling out the new Visual Brand Language across its entire product range.

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