SCHUECO TEAMS AF 310 showcase header of the cnc machine

Precision in the
Style of a Brand

Processing Machines

A Visual Brand Language

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With over 65 years of experience and more than 5,400 employees worldwide, SCHÜCO is one of the major players in the field of system solutions for windows, doors and facades. A range of manufacturing machinery completes the service and product portfolio. Innovation, digitization and high awareness of product quality are the key decisive drivers at SCHÜCO.

Excellence Through Innovation

High-quality products originate from future-oriented manufacturing systems, whose visual appearance transfer SCHÜCO's claim for quality to the workshop.

AF 310 is the leading example of a new generation of SCHÜCO automated manufacturing equipment. TEAMS supported this effort by creating a unique visual brand language (VBL) that would suit the entire pool of machines.

SCHUECO TEAMS AF 310 automated manufacturing equipment visualisation

Visualising Processes

On a common level, materials and parts move along a processing chain assembled by different equipment. An interactive light pipe is employed to visualize this continuous process, thus making the status of the flow visible from afar.

Precise forms create a reduced but clean machine architecture to enhance the ordered fashion of the process.

SCHUECO TEAMS CNC Processing Machines frontal Visualisation

SCHÜCO Design Standards

The exterior design of the machines closely match the look and feel of SCHÜCO products. Colour, materials and finishes were chosen to support a cohesive brand appeal. The enclosures of each machine promise a noise-reduced, dust-free and safe work environment.

SCHUECO TEAMS CNC Machines showcased frontally Process of Visualisation

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