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More and more factories are joining the fourth industrial revolution. They will exist within an utterly networked environment, where the use of data streams enables automatic, flexible, and individual generation of products. Manufacturing processes will become even more precise due to the self-learning algorithms. Intelligent control systems will reduce energy and material consumption.


In close collaboration with Bosch Rexroth, TEAMS developed a holistic innovation & production strategy for their future product line up within the Industry 4.0.

Some key products were identified that would make their factory of the future possible:

Active Shuttles

The autonomous vehicles guarantee flexible, comfortable, and just-in-time supply of parts to the production line.

See more about active shuttles here.



These cobots collaborate with intelligent, networked workstations at which employees are interactively coached through the assembly process.

Ready for the Future

We are all part of the global digital revolution, and it is our responsibility as designers to ensure the human factor within. Together with Bosch Rexroth, we share the same vision of an intelligent, collaborative, and empathic factory of the future, where trustful interactions path the way to new performances.


You can find out how the products and solutions from Bosch Rexroth can help you to get the most out of IoT and to Manufacture here.

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