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Maximizing Revenue and Reducing Costs

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Launching innovative products faster, introducing useful features and lowering costs or increasing revenues are essential methods to stay relevant as a brand in the market today. Companies are under increased pressure to accomplish these three aspects simultaneously. Kearney & TEAMS have joined forces to create PERlab, which offers a holistic business solution that may be implemented throughout all phases of product life cycles.

Breaking Down Products to Upgrade Portfolios

Often, due to years of incremental product changes, for example, companies face inefficiencies in their solutions. Here is where PERLab may step in. We literally and physically tear down products to find out how can they can be better built and cut costs without negatively impacting their value. The savings actually open up new options to further improve their design value in areas previously not obtainable.

We work together with companies in design workshops and create new business models, focusing on what customers’ truly care about each product, minimizing costs while meeting the users’ expectations.

PERLab offers a proven method for companies to implement true design thinking and customer-centric development approaches while guaranteeing total cost savings through thorough business analysis.

"True efficiency doesn’t come from cost reduction alone but from increasing value"

Paul Hatch, TEAMS Design Chicago CEO

Partnered to Build Innovative & Strategic Solutions

PERLab offers a unique combination of leading strategy and operations consulting with outstanding industrial design expertise. TEAMS designers, engineers, and strategists work together with Kearney experts to build innovative solutions across each phase of the product innovation lifecycle and on a global scale.

"With PERLab we support companies to create the best products and build long-lasting competitive advantages."

Hans-Peter Aglassinger, TEAMS Design Esslingen CEO

Within the design value part of PERLab, we evaluate the deeper aspect of the materials, features, processes, and technologies into consideration, as well as the usability and users’ perceived value. Analyzing the complete product life cycle makes it possible to evolve the product lines while generating savings and revenue. Our vast and intersectoral design expertise allows us to push boundaries and create outstanding solutions within a very short time.

The unique methodology of PERLab is available throughout all TEAMS locations world-wide. It is scalable to suit national as well as international product life cycles. For more information, contact our PERLab experts throughout our studios: Paul Hatch - Chicago, Hans-Peter Aglassinger- Esslingen, Levente Szabo - Shanghai, Kai Gehrmann - Hamburg.

"Product life-cycle cost reduction measures need a broad perspective. With the PERLab approach there is a full powerhouse of diverse experts ensuring maximal cost benefits without losing product value."

Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Design Hamburg Creative Director

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