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NXP Exhibition

NXP innovates in a World of Future Possibilities

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NXP Automotive has been trusting in us for the past four years, to present all their capabilities at the CES in Las Vegas. We help them to communicate why they are leaders of the semiconductor business and are playing a fundamental role in the automotive industry.

Adaptive Content

Presenting all of NXP’s potential to their audiences was our greatest challenge. NXP wanted to address several targets like government officials and reporters, as possible buyers of their technology.

For this, multi-layered story building systems were created to communicate the various enterprises of NXP users with a variety of motivations – from being entertained, enlightened, informed, convinced and sold to.

Stories to Describe Powerful Functionalities

After defining the exact requirements, we started detailing the visitor’s experience.

We designed the experience of the exhibition and developed a system for the physical and digital elements. Which provides a broader perception of the brand, products, and company.

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We created four main areas of the exhibition. The ‘Central Hub,’ to encounter the brand vision of NXP; the ‘Domain Hub,’ where the visitor interacts to understand the possibilities and combinations of the technology; the ‘Info Center,’ where the technology is explained in detail; and the ‘Tech-Tables,’ where the information is presented technically, to fulfill the expectations of the most specialized users.

Bringing the Future to the Present

We are glad to say that developing a project with these characteristics supports the claim that NXP is a market leader. NXP could observe these results reflected in their business, increasing their brand relevance and upscaling publicity. This project is ongoing and we are excited to develop the design and strategy of the next exhibition further.

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