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Kalkhoff Bicycles

A Shared Passion Project

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We love bikes, and they love us! Across all our TEAMS offices, you’ll find two wheeled enthusiasts. That our offices are situated in large cities, is not the only reason bikes are the transportational mode of choice. Our bond with bikes goes deeper, often spurring long conversations about ways to personalize and improve the cycling experience.

At TEAMS we live bike culture to the fullest. From designing and building the best wooden bicycles in Belgrade, rocking trails in mountainous Esslingen, to attracting attention on the streets of Hamburg, Chicago, and Shanghai sporting the latest bike chic. It is no surprise then that we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Kalkhoff towards redesigning the visual language of one of their well-known product lines, the Berleen, to more accurately reflect the vision and unique perspective Kalkhoff has about bike culture.

A Brand Apart

Kalkhoff is Europe’s leading bicycle manufacturer and has a huge history as well as a long tradition in diverse fields of two-wheeled transportation. Especially in the field of e-bikes, Kalkhoff is quite technically-advanced due to groundbreaking engineering and their complete in-house production in Germany. The brand joined with TEAMS to

connect great engineering, superior quality, and recognizability through outstanding design. TEAMS developed a multi-level Visual Brand Language for the e-bike range as well as original styling and detailing solutions, aiding the brand towards repositioning themselves once again among the top premium cycling manufacturers.

Branding a Bike Line

The Berleen is Kalkhoff's urban eye-catcher, blending sporty elegance and ease of use.
In the development of the visual language, we were able to integrate the headset, stem and handlebar in one intelligent, sleek and sculptural form. Not only was this development an original step forward in the engineering of the product, combining features in one form raised the unconventional quality of the final design to a new level.

Urban Bike Chíc on the Streets

From an extended portfolio development to the design of the frames and details: TEAMS created a distinct recognizability towards the brand and bicycle’s design by connecting the major dots of engineering, production quality, design and a sleek easy-to-use product. Now everyone is eager to get their hands on a bit of Urban Bike Chíc themselves.

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