Beyond the Horizon: Development of a Platform Strategy

Kalkhoff Bicycles

Further than Ever Before

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Our E-trekking models make not only quick fitness rounds or long relaxed holiday tours a pleasure, but even the everyday commutes. The bikes combine outstanding technology with harmonious design.

The continuity of the visual brand language, the integration of the components and practical details were the main focus while designing the frame used in the Entice, Endeavor and Image models. The particular challenge was the development of a platform that could be used in all models and still be attractive over all the segments.

From Premium to Focusing on the Essentials

Exclusive features, maximum comfort and stylish appearance, distinguish the premium lines. The new top of the range in the Kalkhoff family comes with the highest level of engineering, well-thought-out details and exciting styling. All other lines impress thanks to the platform strategy with clean Kalkhoff looks and frame-integrated batteries and cable routing.

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