KRONE x TEAMS showcasing of BIG PACK PRESS in blurred white room

Visualizing the Technical Lead of KRONE


KRONE Sets New Standards in Its Class

KRONE Agricultural Machines Transportation Design Agritech BigPack Performance Engineering Industrial Vehicles

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery rely on their users’ love for the brand. KRONE is one of the top brands in agricultural technology. In order to expand this ranking, KRONE relies on uncompromising quality and top performance in the field. And the cooperation with TEAMS.


The styling of the BigPack not only visualizes KRONE's technological lead but also illustrates the brand values of precision, performance, and reliability with dynamic and concise lines. The iconic, recognizable design is a clear KRONE statement that can also be clearly seen from a distance.

Design Details of new Press for KRONE called bigpack showcasing different ways to operate sidedoor

User Orientation

Protection against the development of dust, easy access to machine elements that have to be adjusted, maintained or refilled with consumables, and good lighting during night operation are essential factors with which KRONE proves its consistent user orientation. We have relocated the twine box, in which the rolls of the binding twine are lined up, from the dirty interior of the machine to a door-in-door solution.

This solution, which enables users to change yarns much faster and more cleanly in the field, has now been patented by KRONE.
KRONE x TEAMS staged scenario at night, worker unpacks press on illumated field


The dynamic and powerful lines of the flaps are defined by precise free-form surfaces. These were parametrically modeled by TEAMS in the implementation phase up to tool maturity and passed on to the design department.

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