More Pressure on
the Hose!

Kärcher KHB5

An Agile Collaboration Project

Design Realization Ergonomics Garden Tools Water Pressure Cleaner Agile Process Innovation

How can you make a garden hose fun? You add a high-pressured power-pistol so your garden tool becomes perfect for all cleaning situations.

From our extensive knowledge of power tools in the DIY market, we knew that it was possible to create a fun cleaning tool combining lifestyle, leisure, sports, and garden.

Finding the Best Outcome

The requirements for the new product were determined in collaboration with a small team of sales, marketing, development, and design. A joint effort and agile working approach led us to the best outcome for ergonomics, brand design, and production costs, making this product story perfect.

The Perfect Leisure-Cleaning Tool

Kärcher offers a hand-operated water pressure gun that turns users into cleaning sprinters. Equipped with an 18V Li battery, the product is easy to use and thus makes it an all-rounder when it comes to sports and leisure cleaning. The KBH 5 puts a lot of pressure on the hose!

Kärcher and TEAMS nourish a trusting partnership for many decades. We have always been - and still are - working within a culture of customer-centric innovation, considering trends, technology, society, markets and their respective desires. This approach results in entirely new products with great empathy that highly inspire and add true value - to both, Kärcher and their customers.

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