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TEAMS and Human Med, one of the world's leading manufacturers of water-jet assisted liposuction devices, partnered to create the body-jet evo®.

This WAL surgery unit reduces some of the disadvantages and side effects of surgical procedures for patients. It also offers more working advantages to the medical staff.

Observation of the user, their surrounding influencing factors, as well as existing products, give valuable UX insights that help validate hypotheses and get into the ideation phase.

Research and exchange with Human Med were vital to establishing enhancement opportunities from the previous model and new design features to add value holistically.

Enhanced Usability Through Design Features

Surgeons and nurses continuously monitor results and essential parameters during surgical procedures. Therefore the need for ergonomics and easy access to information.

Smooth device control is possible through the user interface, displaying the set parameters and essential information during the operation. Visually prominent elements and sharp color contrast support readability and enhance intuitive interaction. Such aspects can reduce the learning curve of the medical personnel when switching over from other surgery methods.

Mobile & Versatile

Mobility and transportation features were considered within the scope of the product design. The sterile disposable applicators are easy to attach and vent in an ergonomically sensible manner. The length of the tube offers the surgeon freedom of movement, without it being too long to slide on the floor and become unsterile.

The body-jet evo® is visually appropriated and unobtrusive. With a set of two bigger wheels on the rear that makes it easy to transport around medical units, including staircases, without compromising the stability of it.


Body Jet Evo

Satisfaction levels and individual, personal parameters shape the user experience in the medical branch. TEAMS expertise, understanding of design and user-friendly solutions becomes indispensable for successful products and brand ambassadors.

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