female ENT doctor inspecting a boys inner ear with an otoscope

Delivering Brand Promises


Creating Outstanding Simplicity for ENT Diagnostics

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TEAMS partnered with HOMOTH Medizinelektronik, leader in the production of ENT (ear, throat, nose) diagnostics systems, for a refresh of their device designs in order to push brand awareness and reputation to the next level – and simultaneously lower the production costs for their products.

Portrait of Kai Gehrmann Creative Director Strategy & Growth


"By focusing on manufacturing abilities first, we are able to reach highly feasible design solutions. In addition to optimizing usability and user interaction, our goal is to visually deliver a solid sense of trust and confidence in the device performance, truly fulfilling the expectations of the professional users."

Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director & Strategic Growth

Addressing Manufacturing Conditions First

Due to lower production volumes of medical devices, moderate case costs and simple production conditions are often the main drivers to address and analyse first. Decreasing the total amount of different cases and replacing those with a simple, modular family of just 3 device sizes, created the setting for a state-of-the-art re-design.

TEAMS Homoth diagnostic device close up ENT Diagnostics
TEAMS Homoth Three types of diagnostic devices, being either large, compact or stand-alone systems with integrated HMI

Outstanding Design Simplicity for High-End Technology

Thorough reflection of the demands of medical professionals and their working environments led to a unique, but calm visual brand language definition. Three types of diagnostic devices, being either large, compact or stand-alone systems with integrated HMI, share this new product design language. It is not only attractive through soft and reassuring shapes, but also delivers the brand promise of high-end technology through the unique LED feature.

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