Giving Precision a
New Face


Visual Strength & Precision

Gehring Capital Goods Visual Brand Language VBL Modular Design Strategic Design

At TEAMS, we set the task of translating the brand values of Gehring, a high-precision honing machines supplier, into an appropriate corporate product Design. The development of a convincing 3D key visual gave Gehring a significant identification feature that makes it stand out confident from the mass of competitors.

Thinking Modular & Enhancing Usability

Designing the visual elements to be transferable to all kind of machines with unified shapes, color consistency, and a controlled joint pattern, all these elements make up for a consistent 3D key visual that allows Gehring to properly communicate its high-quality, strength and precision.

Our strategic design approach also reflects and optimizes ergonomic issues and provides solutions that can be implemented within a very economic framework.

The Setting: Corporate Design Principles

The Corporate Product Design-Guideline helps management, developers and marketing to apply the design principles consistently over time, thus giving each product and brand touchpoint clear corporate image.

Such unified corporate product design guidelines have an extremely positive impact on the overall image of a company and often saves costs through their associated equal-share parts strategy. With these versatile design principles, Gehring is now perfectly positioned for all opportunities that might arise.

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