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DrägerUp2021 – Online Launch of New Solutions For Firefighters

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The 7 to 11 of June 2021 was a week like no other for Drager’s digital portal, open 24 hours a day, providing a vast amount of information through various on-demand videos and presentations around Dräger Fire Services. The DrägerUp2021, as the online event was named, ended up with the launch of Dräger’s next generation of firefighting equipment.

We, at TEAMS, were excited to witness the Digital event since two of the products launched come from our close collaboration with Dräger Safety.

Dräger HPS® SafeGuard

Multifunctional, sporty, compact, and lightweight, universal helmet for fire and rescue services. The optimal weight distribution, innovative design, and the balanced climate inside the helmet, even during longer rescue missions, are its main usability characteristics.


A Variety of colors is available for the best possible protection in conditions of poor visibility. 

Reflective strips can be fixed in different designs all around the helmets to make them easily identifiable during day or night. The HPS BuddyLight on the back of the helmet provides additional safety - it ensures recognisability from behind even in poor visibility conditions. The integrated, explosion-proof helmet lamps can be fitted at the front or side and handled hands-free—more information about the helmet and all its features here.

Dräger UCF® FireVista

Dräger UCF® FireVista is a compact thermal imaging camera that provides excellent picture quality even under the most difficult operating conditions, for example, smoke and darkness. 

The camera is highly durable and heat resistant, capable of operating even under the harshest conditions and withstanding mechanical stresses. 

The UCF FireVista is one of the lightest thermal imaging cameras currently on the market. It allows increased mobility and minimum physical strain for the user. It is easy to operate, one on/off switch, to save valuable time in critical situations—more information about the helmet and its features, here.

We are proud of collaborating with one of the leader brands in safety and hospital equipment like Dräger, not only on the physical but also in the digital spectrum.

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