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EnBW is one of the largest utility companies in Germany. In recent years, the group has undergone a fundamental change from nuclear energy to sustainable energy generation. Innovation and ecology are essential drivers today. Linking the brand with electromobility products is of primary importance.


EnBW has brought TEAMS on board as a proven partner to provide strategic support.


Charging stations act as important brand ambassadors, as the most direct touchpoints with customers who say: EnBW is a driver of the energy revolution.

Outstanding Brand Identification

As EnBW's long-term partner, we used our extensive experience in product branding to develop a concise, outstanding brand identification for EnBW. Since charging stations from different manufacturers are used around cities, it is crucial to make the visual brand identification recognizable and homogeneous for the customers.

The deep blue color used extensively captures the customer's attention, while orange as a complementary color creates a consistent key-visual. The reference to the corresponding app, also in orange, is now unmistakable. Customers, therefore, know immediately that this smart extra also belongs to EnBW.

This only enables us to strengthen further our positive image, showing its full potential: The energy revolution is in full swing at EnBW!

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