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EnBW operates the largest fast-charging network in Germany with over 200,000 charging points in 9 countries.

In order to inextricably link the EnBW brand with the field of electromobility, TEAMS was entrusted with transferring the brand's Corporate Identity to products in the field of charging technology.
Charging stations are increasingly becoming part of our urban infrastructure and therefore act as important brand ambassadors, as they are the direct touchpoints with customers.


As a long-standing partner of EnBW, we used our extensive experience in the field of product branding to develop a concise brand identification of the products for EnBW. Since charging stations are used by different manufacturers, it is crucial to make the visual brand communication recognizable and homogeneous for the customers.

The typical EnBW color concept with its dominant color blue was transferred to the stations and captures the customer's attention. The contrasting orange APP icon generates attention as a complementary color and serves as a consistent key visual. Through this highly recognizable CI transfer, TEAMS succeeded in establishing their brand image as one of the most competent partners in the field of vehicle charging technology.

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