Elevating Conference Communications

Bosch DICENTIS Conference System

A Better Communication Experience

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From the United Nations to city councils and boardrooms, the Bosch DCN Multimedia developed by TEAMS is making conferencing more convenient and fun than ever, and for up to hundreds of users at one time.

Engage Everyone, Enhance Everything

Mutual understanding requires focus. High stakes conferencing requires simultaneous handling of tasks while following the exchange of ideas in an ongoing debate.

Different interface features facilitate important tasks. From discussion management, voting processes, language selection, to document viewing, multimedia functions, and dual-usage.

Interactivity Leads to Productivity

The DCN multimedia includes the integration of audio and video documents so that all meeting content is available at the same time. With this in mind, users can locate documents, share presentations and use the internet to access relevant information.


At the touch of a button, users can also case their vote on important topics. The highresolution touch screen provides a flawless interaction where participants can browse information about the topic, consult meeting subject lists, and even look up details about the speaker.

A Communication Solution for All Nations

In the end, due to our empathetic approach, we were able to develop an intuitive conference system for diverse user groups.
Since the production of the device, we’ve even had the opportunity to see it in use in some of the most extreme examples of conference communications, confirming that our solution was a good fit for any situation.

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