Elevating Conference Communications

Bosch ST Conference System

A Better Communication Experience

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Mutual understanding requires focus. High stakes conferencing requires simultaneous handling of tasks while following the exchange of ideas in an ongoing debate. We were asked by Bosch Security Systems to create a unique and intuitive solution to improve the whole communication experience at conferences for diverse user groups. From company conferences to high-level government meetings. Furthermore, the product-line had to embody a unique form factor that set them apart from their competitors.

Collaborative Approach

TEAMS and Bosch have had a collaborative partnership for more than six decades. In all those years, we have researched and developed new methods to create Products of Empathy that are focused on the needs of the final user, leaving a lasting impression. Our mutual goal of creating an excellent conference system was another example of our collaborative strength.

Before carrying out the design process, we conducted our user research with a very diverse user group -from younger participants with more exposure to modern communication devices, all the way to senior speakers with physical limitations and an aversion to technology. The conference system was also meant to be used in high-level government meetings.

For this reason, we had to pay careful attention to strict security requirements and legal restrictions. As TEAMS had no formal access to government offices, Bosch conducted the user research, and we used the information to inform our designs.

In the research we received, audio quality rose to the top as one of the principal aspects of a conference, and one of the primary pains that users experiences. Factors such as clarity of the audio, elimination of distracting background noises, and the need to cancel out audio interference from other conference devices were absolute essential challenges that influenced our designs.

Additionally, eliminating other distracting complications in the usability of the device during an actual meeting was the other primary challenge we needed to solve. From the buttons, to visibility of the elements, down to the interactions available on the interface itself, all had to be as simple and clear as possible, thus eliminating confusion about how to use the device.

This was particularly challenging since we were designing an interface that had to meet highly strict security protocols, and be extensive enough to include international / government multilingual devices and voting solutions during a conference.

Upgrading the Conference Experience

The vital insights and exchange between designers and engineers from both sides led to the DICENTIS Conference System, intuitive and highly secure with optimized ergonomic operating conditions.

The DICENTIS Conference System has advanced sound features such as acoustic feedback suppression technology that eliminates small noises from the meeting room. This feature allows the loudspeaker and microphone to be active simultaneously, improving face-to-face meeting experiences.

Influenced by HMI (Human Machine Interface) principles, interaction features were designed displaying user-activity in the discussion.

Different interface features facilitate many important tasks, such as discussion management, enhancing and allowing voting processes, language selection, document viewing, multimedia functions, and dual-usage.

All of the wireless signals are highly protected, using WPA2 encryption and allow conference participants of any level to have the security of knowing that their agenda and conference communications will never leave the room.

A Communication Solution for All Nations

In the end, due to our empathetic approach, we were able to develop an intuitive conference system for diverse user groups. Since the production of the device, we’ve even had the opportunity to see it in use in some of the most extreme examples of conference communications, confirming that our solution was a good fit for any situation.

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