Creating an Iconic
Digital Brand Experience


Brand Experience in the Age of Digitalization

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What does it take to design a digital brand experience in the age of digitalization? It is to look closely at every small design detail, connect them to achieve consistency, and thus, strengthen a brand’s identity across all interfaces, whether these are product- or screen related.

Our partners from Dräger approached us with a request to enhance their whole brand experience. To solve such tasks, the careful reflection, and design of a consistent icon library, solution-oriented and based on human values, is a challenge we are always happy to take up.

Realizing a Powerful Language

The Dräger’s visual grammar was our guide to define consistency and also a unique graphic language. We based our icon design on Dräger’s logotype elements. Round borders, solid shapes and bold outlines are the basis of the icon library style.

The 8bit grid system was a valuable tool to always have a clear overview of the readability levels of the icons in different proportions.

Finding a good visual balance by avoiding or eliminating extreme complexity was key. User-testing the important elements of the icons ensured our design proposals were perfectly suiting the target environment of fast-response emergencies, where time is a crucial factor in safety and medical procedures.

The Beginning of a Holistic Brand Experience

Weeks of working on high-level detail and valuable exchange led us to design a library with more than +2500 icons exclusively for Dräger aligned and adjusted, creating this new and comprehensive brand experience in the digital world of today and tomorrow.

We are looking forward to working together with our partners from Dräger in their new digital holistic design system.

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