Efficiency Through

Dräger CSE Connect

Smart Support for Clearance Measurement Processes

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Saving time and increasing reliability! Clearance measurements of toxic and flammable gases are indispensable for safe working conditions for construction workers during maintenance activities and plants' shutdowns in the mining, chemical, oil, and gas industry. With CSE Connect, Dräger is able to improve the speed and reliability of those measurement processes by digitally connecting safety personnel and their devices.

Digitizing The Exchange of Information

Through the digital transformation of processes, there is great potential in saving costs by working more reliably and efficiently at the same time. With Dräger, we find and extract these potentials to create the tools of tomorrow that are part of the digital revolution.

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A Complete Eco-System

Together with Dräger, we set out to develop the visual language for the entire Dräger Safety software ecosystem. With CSE Connect we not only helped implement a new design system, but we also established processes and methods to build the foundation of Dräger’s digital portfolio. This includes desktop and mobile applications as well as embedded systems.

Desktop Application and Mobile App

The CSE Connect Desktop Application is used to plan and manage the gas-measurement orders during shutdowns and maintenance processes. Measurement jobs can be created, assigned to gas-analysts and directly send to their mobile devices. The CSE Connect Mobile App then enables analysts to process assigned measurement jobs quickly. The readings from the gas detection device are transferred to the Mobile App in real-time and together with additional safety relevant information the data can be quickly sent to the control room for review. Via the Desktop Application the customer can access all collected data anywhere at any time and now has the possibility to analyze the data.

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