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Dräger X-plore® 1900 - Performance, Comfort and Optimal Fit

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Respiratory protection today in the manufacturing and craftsmanship industries meet high levels of technical requirements and comfort.

The goal is to protect people from substances, particles and organisms that can enter our bodies through the lungs.

"The Dräger X-plore® 1900 dust mask is a great result of a collaborative UX development process. More of this!"

Ulrich Schweig, Managing Partner TEAMS Hamburg

Performance, fit & comfort

The Dräger x-plore 1900 series, particle-filtering disposable half mask in the premium segment, combines a sporty look with superior wearing comfort. The intuitive handling guarantees the highest level of safety while taking into account the cultural and ergonomic diversity of us humans.




The mask family includes 2 sizes and 3 protection classes, which are differentiated with colour coding. State-of-the-art high-performance filter materials, the FoldSmart design and a SoftFlow brand valve combine to allow the user to breathe comfortably and safely.

Strategic product development to better understand international work requirements

For the product development of safety devices with national and international requirements, a strategic product roadmap plan will be laid out. In order to define core requirements, a worldwide user analysis is carried out, for which the TEAMS innovation culture analyses current mega, macro and micro trends, as well as current and future technologies and materials and the competitive market.

User-centred market research offers specific information on a context applied to different groups

The development steps of a wearable product follow a systematic process. Simple folding patterns, and prototypes are tested in rapid development stages. Usability is tested over the entire context of usage; the mask arrives at the customer, is unpacked, unfolded and worn, removed after use and then disposed of.

The main focus of the investigation is on the head and face, aiming to provide a comfortable breathing climate combined with a perfect fit for the 5 different head sizes / contours and the 2 product sizes.



During the research the physical user test is the first priority which is followed by a digital analysis of the results.

The end goal is the perfect fit ensuring safe respiration.

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