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Customer Journey and Innovative Pre-Development

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The identification of hidden user needs and the generation of unique selling points are the strategic goals of every TEAMS co-creation workshop. With our innovative pre-development service, part of TEAMS Engineering Services, we provide essential technical foundations for realising the ideas gained in the workshops.

Interior of a Caravan with a bright panorama view

Uncovered User Needs

Motorhomes are real space miracles. A refrigerator is always part of the essential equipment, but its contents are not easily accessible from every place, since the door can be opened from only one side.

TEAMS challenged this unwritten law during an ideation-workshop together with DOMETIC. As part of the strategic approach, TEAMS employs the "Customer Journey" tool to identify relevant points of contact and hidden user needs.

DOMETIC x TEAMS showcase of all possible customer journeys for a new way of opeing a fridge

One of the findings: Especially in the confined spaces of a motor home, users want to be able to access the contents of their fridge from every seat without having to make any effort.

Bringing New Concepts to Life

As part of an innovative predevelopment process, TEAMS engineers applied creative, agile and disruptive methods to develop a wide range of technical concepts, which they then evaluated together with the engineers at DOMETIC using an evaluation matrix.

Engineer scultping a double hinge on a laptop
“Each hinge is also a lock that changes its function depending on the opening status, and that only with one movement, without the user noticing”

Walter Heidenfels, Head of Engineering Services by TEAMS Hamburg

With our technical experience in the implementation and feasibility of the design, we materialise brand values in the framework of successful cooperation with our client.

DOMETIC x TEAMS showcasing RMD 10 refrigerator with a door that can be opened from both sides
“A particular challenge was to ensure that no unintentional malfunctions could occur with these complex mechanisms.”

Zarko Bubalo, Engineer & TEAMS Belgrade Director

Unprecedented Comfort

The results and insights from TEAMS pre-development enabled DOMETIC engineers to create their latest generation RMD 10 refrigerator with a door that can be opened from both sides, providing excellent access to the interior from any position in the motor home, regardless of where the user stands.

DOMETIC opening a fridge
DOMETIC x TEAMS close up show of a hinge
“TEAMS Engineering Services enabled our engineers to install the mechanical elements in a space-saving manner to keep the design of the refrigerator slim and elegant. Besides, DOMETIC was able to protect its design with patents.”

Magnus Manderbach, responsible for the project at DOMETIC

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