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Dentsply Interactive Control

Dazzling Look with Perfect Interaction

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Time is everything. Especially when it comes to dentists and dental hygiene, every single work step has to be intuitive. Devices that are awkward to use can significantly slow down workflow. Over the course of a workday in the dental industry those wasted seconds lead to countless minutes – precious working time for dentists, dental hygienists and prophylactic assistants.

"The product design of the Cavitron TouchTM was developed based on an intuitive "Human Machine Interface" (HMI) with a high level of usability. This makes dental hygiene a unique user experience. In terms of interaction and optics."

Andreas Bell, TEAMS Chicago, President, Creative Director

Everything Runs Like a Charm 

Intuitive user interfaces are of core importance in dental hygiene. Device menus must be logical and clearly structured so that every move can be carried out quickly and precisely. The result – reduced treatment time and stress for the patient, gaining time for the dental practitioner to provide relaxed care for patients and, of course, for themselves.  

The Digital Transformation of Dental Technology 

The new touch screen technology of the Cavitron TouchTM Ultrasound Scaling system is an impressive example of technological progress that is exactly tailored to the needs of users. To achieve this goal, user behaviour must first be understood and analysed in depth. On this basis, a revolutionary user-friendly device was developed, which sets new standards in terms of "optics", "haptics" and "interaction" and offers both practitioners and patients an excellent level of comfort.   

At the same time, the first digital design language was created for the Dentsply brand - contemporary, aesthetic and functional. Medical design, which ensures a radiant smile for both patients and practitioners.

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