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We researched, inspired markets, developed new methods and broke ground. But above all, we set standards in design, ergonomics, and usability which are not just an orientation for us, but for the whole market as well.


Managing Knowledge

Based on the input from all sorts of stakeholders, as these are users, Marketing and Sales, Engineering, Technology Predevelopment, Production and Purchasing, any concept is just as good as its research results from all these areas. By transferring this knowledge into lead stories we create a connection between brand, products and users alike. These stories act as a consensus vision for the development process, communications and marketing.

The ambitious relationship and our extensive experience we’ve accumulated over the years has enables us to consult on an expert level with all involved departments from Bosch on new product roadmaps and product innovations as well as engineering challenges. 60 years strong – a major point of pride for the TEAMS family worldwide!

Recognizable Brand

Ever since our initial years together in partnership, the design of BOSCH power tools has been pushing the market. The success of the brand, the recognisability of its visual brand language and strength of innovation in each of its product portfolios have been a testimony to the benefits of the strategic development partnership between BOSCH and TEAMS.


Deep View

We are consultants, mediators, moderators and researchers in favor of the brand. As we strive to create decisive impact, we not only have to look far, but go deep. A particularly important aspect in our relationships with BOSCH has been the need to understand product development in a global environment.

Being among and interacting with local trends, cultures, and competitors while not compromising the core attributes of the BOSCH brand has always been an exciting challenge requiring us to extend our own tools and knowledge of product design. Design Ideation and Design Realizing Services for Bosch products globally means we not only support Bosch with Concepts, Ideas and Visions but are also closely supporting engineering and production for whome we are delivering final tool-ready data.

Global Impact

The BOSCH Power Tools Business is highly successful and features strong growth rates. The results of our cooperation therefore speak for themselves. In almost every global market, our work for the strategic design for BOSCH products has allowed brilliant product adaptations to meet regional user requirements. And yet, still, the steadfast quality and core attributes of the brand continue to be recognizable in concept, design and usability alike. BOSCH products continue to be one of our most passionate investment into visual brand language development.







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