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Not only are electric technologies used for mobility, but they are also finding support and opportunity in consumer products and home appliances. Green technology fits beautifully with the garden tool category.

Based on our vast experience designing Bosch Power Tools and Garden Tools with battery technology, we were asked to create a new generation of Rotak lawnmowers.

Safe Maneuverability

Our researchers and designers put themselves through the user journey, using different lawnmowers to exactly understand what effects handling and maneuverability and what needed to be changed to improve it further.

There are several situations where the user needs stability while using the machine, but also safety. To address this, we designed a handle with an ergonomic position that can also stop the engine if the user is in danger.

Comfortable One-handed Operation

The second most frequently used touch point is the height adjustment. Often, users need to bend over to reach the height adjustment to set the machine for different field conditions. We found an upper position that allows one-handed operation.

After cutting the grass-box must be emptied. We optimized the weight and balance to make this as easy as possible.

Storage and Maintenance

Together with the engineering staff, we developed a foldable handle that can be operated with one hand, activating a closing mechanism using one button in the middle of the handle. The grass box is foldable too, making it a very compact setup.

We also created a front lid, such as a hood on a car, making possible to extract the battery easily from the chassis and at the same time keeping it secure and protected from dirt and weather.


Inspired by electric vehicles, silent but powerful machines, the main body of the lawnmower has a shape of evolving elements from the front to the rear. We also addressed silence and protection, represented by the cover wrapping around the top of the machine to seal in the noise. “The task was to find the right balance between something silent and powerful such as a stealth jet or an electric car.” – Levente Szabo, Vice President of TEAMS Shanghai and the project leader, points out.

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