Developing a Family of Hyper Ergonomic Tools

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Bosch 12V Ergonomic Power Tools

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With the world's fast-paced evolution, new inventions and technologies are emerging almost on a daily base. The increasing capacities of the latest generations of lithium-ion batteries and the new, tiny "brushless" or "EC motors," allows developing extremely small and powerful electrical hand tools. Bosch Professional Power Tools recognized these technical possibilities early on and together with TEAMS developed a large ultracompact and highly ergonomic range of 12V power tools.

Globally Optimal

Competition within hand-held power tools is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition to technical performance and application innovations, it is necessary to drive the work out to the "last mile" with visual appearance and hand ergonomics. TEAMS and Bosch Power Tools’ pre-development team worked closely to achieve a high degree of freedom through a perfect arrangement of internal components, making possible to design ergonomics and handling optimally.

Largely Tested Tools

Throughout more than 60 years of partnership with Bosch, handles have been extensively tested in every process, in connection with scientific procedures and functioning prototypes. We have created various quick samples that could be easily changed or adapted at an early stage, and also be tested with users in surveys and workshops.

Hyper Ergonomic

We have designed all Bosch Power Tools barrier-free and entirely accessible.

The visual appearance of each control element immediately appeals to the user, communicates its meaning and the corresponding direction of movement through its shape. Hand positions are clearly defined, grip graphics and rubber elements are designed in such a way that they can be used comfortably for a long time without injury.

A Whole Power Tools Range

Thanks to decades of cooperation, a large family of compact and ergonomically optimized hand tools with application-relevant innovations could be developed.

The appearance of the whole product range is strengthened by the consistently high quality of the design and Bosch CI features across all products.

Bosch Professional Power Tools don’t follow trends concerning usage and ergonomics; they set benchmarks!

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