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Together with Bergamont, we designed not only the Eville, but also other ground-breaking bikes. Bergamont is a brand rooted in sports and adventure which is why it has some serious hot shots in its portfolio. Bergamont on the rocks!

CONTRAIL-C: Smoothest Ride to Anywhere

Whether it be relaxed tours in unexpected areas or at full throttle through the fields: the smooth and comfortable geometry of the Bergamont Contrail C is ideal for both. In rough terrain, the frame design and suspension offer maximum comfort.

Based on the specifications of the frame geometry and the drive components, the team worked on finding compact lines and creating a concise connection between the battery, motor, seat and down tube. The design projects its cutting-edge technology, forming a highly dynamic off-road sculpture.

TEAMS Bergamont Bike close up Contrail chain
TEAMS Bergamont Bike Show case contrail C-MGN black bike with red detailing on black background
TEAMS Bergamont Bike Show case encore blue bright blue and contrasting yellow

ENCORE 2016: the Enduro Weapon

Full throttle! The stretched geometry of the Bergamont Encore is extreme and promises experienced enduro riders a real high-speed experience. The 160 mm travel fully addresses the core of enduro biking: pro-sport enduro racing. Sporting a generously long reach and wheelbase, a dynamic flat steering angle, the high-quality specs promise sheer driving pleasure. 

After extensive benchmarking and rider feedback and insight analysis, the design phase began with the development of the side view in order to find clear and dynamic frame lines. Together with Bergamont we gave the frame an aggressive yet elegant and integrative look, which demands one thing above all: full throttle!

TEAMS Bergamont Bike close up ROXTAR CARBON 2015 top tube and head tube integrated intelligent cable routing system
TEAMS Bergamont Bike close up ROXTAR CARBON 2015 back
TEAMS Bergamont Bike close up ROXTAR CARBON 2015
TEAMS Bergamont Bike Show case ROXTAR black bike with white details on black background

ROXTAR CARBON 2015: Trail Blazer

No material in bicycle construction offers more design options than carbon, which is as equally light as it is rigidly strong. For the Roxtar Carbon, we implemented uncompromising technology and geometry in an uncompromising design. Based on the current model design, the team worked on making the lines more exciting, creating a striking connection between the top tube and head tube and integrated an intelligent cable routing system. Aggressive elegance and innovative use carbon’s possibilities make the Roxtar an all-purpose weapon for trail and terrain.

TEAMS Bergamont Collaboration of a Bike

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