BISSELL x TEAMS showcase of the new smart clean vacuum on a dark blue background

Intelligent Solutions Through Global Design


Excellence for the International Market

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Global collaboration helps us achieve great solutions for the benefit of users and customers around the world. For this reason, even though we have a clear strategy behind marketing and engineering for the SmartClean project, we left the door open to our global team to explore possibilities and welcome different points-of-view.

Working together on front-end strategy with BISSELL North America, and with the design and engineering team from China, gave the project a balanced brand story. We crafted each detail carefully to ensure all touchpoints exceed user expectations.

Usability Builds a Unique Brand Experience

The user journey analysis showed us that allowing maximum flexibility for hard-to-reach areas is crucial to the success of the product.

BISSELL’s great technical innovation for surface recognition and management inspired designers to come up with ideas to help the interaction between the user and the machine through light indications and digital touchpoints both on the main body and the handle.

BISSELL x TEAMS collage of handle and cleaner hose sketches of smart clean vacumm in various angles
BISSELL x TEAMS close up of buttons

We have sculpted the canister of the vacuum in a way that we eliminated all unnecessary volume for easier storage.
The messages from different functions need to be clear as possible to reduce time spent on interactions. We analyzed visible areas in different scenarios and set-ups to ensure the user can recognize a message, interact with LED Lights on the main body, as well as the controller on the handle area.

Appearance Crafts a Recognizable Brand

All usability touchpoints were carefully crafted on the machine to convey the attention to detail and craftsmanship efforts. 

A confident appearance communicates performance and intelligent technical solutions. The color and material treatment were also important to the development process since they enhance the high-value and advanced thinking of the brand.

BISSELL x TEAMS collage of sketches of smart clean vacumm in various angles
BISSELL x TEAMS smart clean vacuum in a sleek and modern apartment

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