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When Bosch decided to enter the market of professional gardening tools, they approached TEAMS with the task to develop a range of professional battery-powered products that would make petrol-powered tools obsolete.

The challenge? Getting underneath the needs and desires of skilled professional users through extensive user research.

Tradition vs. Future

In a world of petrol-driven products, our team had to face an important question – “How could we compete with battery tools in a market so accustomed to petrol products?”

Through user research, we learned exactly what we’d need to do to appeal to this market. To match the more traditional mindset of professional users, the layout of the products needed to relate to the archetypes of standard petrol-run products – and that way, we could build trust in performance.

Feedback from our users inspired us to change only what was necessary and keep the familiar aspects of the predecessors.

Differentiation as a Differentiator

Another important research finding showed that professional users desired tools that differentiate them from home users.

Only the Best of the Best Will Do

Taking all key insights into consideration, TEAMS developed a unique and compelling design for Bosch combining the best of both worlds – the “traditional” – and the “futuristic.”

In TEAMS fashion, we focused on users through the entire development process. This has also been acknowledged by the Red Dot Design Award Jury, who awarded the lawnmower “GRA 53” a Red Dot “Best of the Best.” 


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