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IFA Berlin is Europe’s biggest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. The fair presents the latest products and innovations, and it attracts visitors from more than 100 countries. We attended this year’s event, held at the Berlin Messe and prepared this trend report with the most relevant, and exciting topics we found there.

Wellness & Preventive Healthcare

Technology focuses on health and wellness. It gives everyone the possibility to monitor, collect and share data. From wearable trackers on the wrist to monitor health, fitness, and performance, to accurate headband sleep monitors, with neuromodulation methods to boost sleep.

Air and water purifiers are gaining popularity around the globe. It is possible now to improve the home’s climate by removing polluting particles like dust or pollen, or create mineral water, according to taste preferences and lifestyle through connected apps.

Connectivity and Natural Interaction

Although the consumer electronics market is aiming to offer products with a more Natural User Interface by removing the current touch-based technology, we are not there yet. Gesture control and voice-recognition are the real alternatives to haptic interaction at the moment.

Almost every household appliance, works like a virtual helper. Controlled through voice recognition technology and connected to other home devices, where they “talk to each other,” make home automation possible.

Digital assistants like LG’s CLOi Robots (various robot lines), compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are available not just to help with house chores, but they also perform as a porter, waiter, shopping assistant, and supporting the society that is growing older and older with lower body movement helpers.

Flexible Displays

Beyond curved displays, Royole’s patented flexible displays are the new trend. They are thin, lightweight, rollable, high-resolution, and high-color saturation, providing stunning image clarity and quality.

The new flexible technology might be the secret of the next generation of smartphones, but it can also be used in a wide variety of segments, including consumer electronics, autonomous cars, sports, fashion, education, robotics. and home appliances.

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