TEAM Spirit -
Three 10 Year

Teams Belgrade

We are honoring our team members Aleksandar Mikan, Đorđe Vučković, and Nenad Nenadić who are all celebrating 10 year anniversaries in our Belgrade studio. Through their long-term dedication and support, they’ve helped our global team to achieve some of the highest standards in product development.

"We’re like a Well-Oiled Machine"

Our Engineering Manager, Aleksandar Mikan talked about his first experiences at TEAMS over ten years ago, “Before taking the job at TEAMS, I had already been hired at an insurance agency. What led me to TEAMS was the thought of creating products that would actually end up on store shelves. And ten years later, I’m still enjoying it,” he said.

Around the same time Aleksandar was hired in the fall of 2006, Đorđe and Nenad joined the team, led under the direction of Žarko Bubalo. The new team worked hard to create the kind of dynamic that made them more like a big family and less like co-existing colleagues.

“In the beginning, we had to come together across diverse backgrounds to find solutions to ever-changing complex tasks,” said Aleksandar. “We learned from each other - applying whatever proved to the be the best course of action in the past, and that made us quite good very quickly. For a long time now, we’ve been working together like a well-oiled machine,” noted Aleksandar.

2016 has been a big year for Belgrade – celebrating other anniversaries as well. Miloš Jovanović is celebrating five years; Aleksandra Mikan, seven years; Janko Kandić, one year.

Miloš said “The wonderful people and positive vibes make me happy here.”

Congrats to all of our great people in the Belgrade studio!

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