3D Printers and Additive Material Insights

TCT Asia 2019

Design to Manufacturing Innovation

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TCT Asia has only been around for 4 years, yet it is now one of the world’s leading design-to-manufacturing events focused on additive manufacturing, 3D printing, design, and engineering technology.

This year, more than 230 exhibitors from 23 different counties including 16,000 professionals shared a three-day show. The event is a way to communicate, share and understand the very latest technology on additive materials and possibilities within 3D printing.

One of TEAMS’s clients, Shining 3D Technology, walked people through the diversity of the 3D printing field with its large owned stadium floor space and various lines of products.

The exhibition was divided into different areas including metal SLS printers, industrial & desktop level FDM and SLA printers, 3D scanners, latest synthetic materials, and printing accessories among others.

Professionals could see how deep 3D technology has already been embedded into our lives. The Exhibitors showed us the possibilities of the 3D printing technology in product ergonomics development, medical apparatus, product mold casting, gaming, costuming, etc.

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