How to Build and Nurture a Creative and yet Process-Driven Design Culture

Strategic Thinking

The Importance of Creating a Process Driven Culture

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TEAMS not only works on processes and development strategies for customers, we also constantly try to improve our own. The process determines the quality of our products and our employees have to work with it, therefore it has to originate and be developed from the heart of the studio.

Johanna Frerichs, TEAMS Hamburg Senior Industrial Designer and Project Lead, writes about the opportunities and challenges that a design process coupled with a company culture brings for customers and employees.

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“I believe that design has the greatest influence when it acts and not just reacts. This requires planning in advance with all project participants and forming strategies to define expectations.”

Johanna Frerichs, TEAMS Hamburg Senior Designer and Project Lead

“The global efficiency of TEAMS is only possible through our steady updates and unified methods and tools. TEAMS speaks one language worldwide (with regional accents).”

Kai Gehrmann, TEAMS Hamburg Creative Director & Growth Strategy

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